Top Conditions that can be treated with Microneedling

As the people start to age, the skin looses the elastin and collagen from it that results in facial wrinkles, the skin become prone to be easily affected by sun exposure and the skin starts thinning. By producing natural elastin and collagen Microneedling is said to be the method that can get you rid of fine lines, wrinkles and scars. The combination of collagen and elastin helps in tightening the skin, thus reducing the thinning problem that is normally observed when a person starts aging.

Top conditions that are treated with Microneedling can be elaborated as:

Premature Skin Aging

This is just like treating wrinkles. By triggering collagen and elastin, Microneedling prevents the aging process. Doing this the thickness of the skin is maintained and the breakdown of the collagen is stopped.

The absorption and the concentration of the skin are improved, thus protecting the skin from aging.


Microneedling is said to improve the skin texture; fading most of the skin scars except for keloid scars that is an abnormal growth of some scar tissue that spread beyond the top skin surface.

Basically scars are made up of an abnormal formation of collagen, that is cured with the help of microneedling, which has the potential of breaking up the scar tissues and producing the collagen and elastin that would lead to a skins; healthy growth.

Stretch Marks

The only difference between scars and stretch marks is that the stretch marks occur due to skin stretching. Though it is a bit difficult to treat the stretch marks, it has been proved that with microneedling patients have experienced impressive results.

After breaking down the tissues that contribute in creating the stretch marks, the collagen growth is observed thus fading the stretch marks.


By abnormal melanocyte, melanin is produced due to which hyperpigmentation is witnessed on the face. This is usually seen in the people having darker complexion. This condition is visualized by the signs of acne, wounds, and as result of sun exposure.

Microneedling treatment up to the rescue will shed the top layer of the skin, boosting up the absorption level, thus improving the skin texture and gifting the individual with a blemish free skin.

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