2017: On The Line — Week 10

The lines are looked at vigorously for those trying to make some extra money or those just looking for who is favored this weekend. Before my picks each week, I will list my current win/loss and push record from the previous week with my overall season record. I present to you the Vegas line of each NFL game this week:

Week 9: 8–4–1

Overall Record: 66–63–3 (51.2%)

TNF: Seahawks (-6) at Cardinals

Seahawks (-6). Usually take the home team on Thursday night, but Seattle is too good on defense to allow Drew Stanton to have even a decent game.

Saints (-2) at Bills

Saints (-2). Give me Drew Brees all day long! New Orleans extends their win streak to 7.

Vikings (-1) at Redskins

Redskins (+1). Case Keenum finds a way to lose the game this week for Minnesota and the Bridgewater questions begin.

Packers at Bears (-5)

Packers (+5). Hundley could get his team a win but I’ll just take them to cover.

Browns at Lions (-10)

Lions (-10). The Browns will prove to still be terrible. Stafford and company are worth eating 10 for.

Bengals at Titans (-5)

Titans (-5). My narrative continues, I do not like the Bengals or the red water pistol.

Steelers (-11) at Colts

Steelers (-11). Bell and Brown. Enough said.

Jets at Buccaneers (-1)

Buccaneers (-1). Ryan Fitzpatrick sparks Tampa to a win.

Chargers at Jaguars (-4.5)

Chargers (+4.5). Staying on the Chargers bandwagon. I cannot jump off even though they have let me down so many weeks already.

Texans at Rams (-13)

Rams (-13). The Rams are firing. Until Houston can prove they are just average, I will pick against them.

Cowboys at Falcons (-3.5)

Falcons (-3.5). No Zeke, big problems.

Giants (-3) at 49ers


SNF: Patriots (-7) at Broncos

Patriots (-7). Brock Osweiler or ‘The Heist’ as noted by Mike Lombardi, cannot compete with New England.

MNF: Dolphins at Panthers (-8.5)

Dolphins (+8.5). I do not know why but I just smell something coming Monday night.

***Lines are as of Thursday Nov. 9th, 2017 at 2:24 PM EST***