2017: On The Line — Week 11

The lines are looked at vigorously for those trying to make some extra money or those just looking for who is favored this weekend. Before my picks each week, I will list my current win/loss and push record from the previous week with my overall season record. I present to you the Vegas line of each NFL game this week:

Week 10: 9–4–1

Overall Record: 75–67–4 (52.8%)

TNF: Titans at Steelers (-7)

Steelers (-7). Take the home team on Thursday.

Lions (-3) at Bears

Lions (-3). Stafford makes more plays than Trubisky.

Jaguars (-7.5) at Browns

Jaguars (-7.5). Keep going against the Browns until either they win or cover two weeks in a row.

Ravens (-2) at Packers

Ravens (-2). Hundley will struggle and my fantasy team will do well.

Buccaneers at Dolphins (-1)

Buccaneers (+1). I just cannot wrap my head around Jay Cutler anymore this year.

Rams (-2) at Vikings

Rams (-2). The McVay Rams steal one one the road against a hot Case Keenum who has to answer questions as to when he thinks Teddy will replace him.

Redskins at Saints (-7.5)


Chiefs (-10.5) at Giants

Chiefs (-10.5). Instinct tells me to take the 10.5 but I just cannot. I do not trust Eli and Kareem Hunt is due for a bounce back game this week in New York.

Cardinals at Texans (-1)

Texans (-1). Can we give Tom Savage just one win? Thanks.

Bills at Chargers (-4)

Chargers (-4). GO PHILLIP GO. I have supported this team all year and I can’t stop now.

Bengals at Broncos (-2.5)

Broncos (-2.5). I don’t like this Bengals team and the Heist aka Osweiler gets a win.

Patriots (-7) at Raiders

Patriots (-7). In Mexico, the Pats find a way to continue to outsmart the opposition.

SNF: Eagles (-4) at Cowboys

Eagles (-4). Dallas Sucks. Dallas Sucks. Dallas Sucks.

MNF: Falcons at Seahawks (-2.5)

Seahawks (-2.5). Hawks win by a field goal at home against a surging Falcons team who is way too high on the mountain after last weeks win over Dallas.

***Lines are as of Thursday Nov. 16th, 2017 at 10:42 AM EST***