2017: On The Line — Week 5

The lines are looked at vigorously for those trying to make some extra money or those just looking for who is favored this weekend. Before my picks each week, I will list my current win/loss and push record from the previous week with my overall season record. I present to you the Vegas line of each NFL game this week:

Week 4: 5–11

Overall Record: 29–34–0 (46%)

TNF: Patriots (-5.5) at Buccaneers

Patriots (-5.5). Book it. Pats cannot get exploited like they did last week and not come back with a vengeance.

Bills at Bengals (-3)

Bills (+3). I think Buffalo’s defense will stop Dalton while Tyrod Taylor gets the job done somehow.

Jets at Browns (-1)

Browns (-1). THE BROWNS ARE FAVORED FOR THE SECOND TIME THIS SEASON. The Jets stink despite being 2–2. I want this to be a Kizer coming out party.

Panthers at Lions (-2.5)

Lions (-2.5). I’ll take Stafford over Cam any day.

49ers at Colts (-1.5)

49ers (+1.5). Come on Kyle!

Titans (-2.5) at Dolphins

Titans (-2.5). No Mariota could be a huge problem for the Titans but I like their running game more than Miami’s total offense. Murray and Henry with their o-line are better than Ajayi and his o-line.

Chargers at Giants (-3.5)

Chargers (+3.5). COME ON PHILLIP. I desperately want Los Angeles to get their first win of the season over the team that will fire their head coach in 2 or 3 weeks..

Cardinals at Eagles (-6.5)

Eagles (-6.5). I will take the Eagles by a touchdown. I do not believe that Arizona can stay balanced offensively which will hurt against an Eagles offense that can control the time of possession.

Jaguars at Steelers (-8)

Steelers (-8). Gosh, I almost took Jacksonville but no Bortles service this week.

Seahawks at Rams (-1)

Seahawks (+1). This is the toughest game of the week. LA’s new offense and Seattle’s defense is the key matchup. I think Seattle’s defense gets leak-y this week but Russell Wilson will put the team in a position to win late. Plus, the Seahawks do not have to travel away from the west coast. If the Rams were still in St. Louis, I’d be thinking the other way.

Ravens at Raiders (-2.5)

Raiders (-2.5). The miserable game that will feature “elite” Flacco and EJ Manuel. With the Raiders likely to just keep handing off to Lynch, there is no reason for the Raiders to have to air it out.

Packers at Cowboys (-2)

Packers (+2). There could be a playoff redemption coming if the Cowboys are serious but I’ll take the Packers to sneak another one out in Big-D.

SNF: Chiefs (-1) at Texans

Chiefs (-1). The Chiefs are for real. But so is Deshaun Watson. I will take the team that has proven me the most wrong from the start of the season to stay undefeated.

MNF: Vikings (-3.5) at Bears

Bears (+3.5). I just want a chance to get my record back. I’ll take the points and Mitchell Trubisky in his first NFL start.

***Lines are as of Thursday Oct. 5, 2017 at 10:41 AM EST***