2017: On The Line — Week 8

The lines are looked at vigorously for those trying to make some extra money or those just looking for who is favored this weekend. Before my picks each week, I will list my current win/loss and push record from the previous week with my overall season record. I present to you the Vegas line of each NFL game this week:

Week 7: 8–6–1

Overall Record: 51–54–1 (48.6%)

TNF: Dolphins at Ravens (-3)

Ravens (-3). Believe in the Ravens defense more than Matt Moore. It will be a competitive Thursday game though.

England: Vikings (-9.5) at Browns

Vikings (-9.5). ‘Never take the Browns unless they win’ will stay my mantra.

Raiders at Bills (-2.5)

Bills (-2.5). Which Amari Cooper are we getting? Well, it does not matter because Lynch is suspended. This ball hawking Buffalo defense will have something to do with the outcome of this game.

Colts at Bengals (-10)

Colts (+10). I cannot take the ‘red water pistol’ when he is giving 10 points to the opponent.

Chargers at Patriots (-7.5)

Chargers (+7.5). Yup, you heard it here…well the Chargers don’t have to win, but I say they cover as Rivers drives L.A. all day long.

Bears at Saints (-9)

Saints (-9). I was wrong about Mitchell, last week I doubted him. This week though, he cannot keep up with Drew Brees because 7 pass attempts (like last week) will not keep the Bears close.

Falcons (-5) at Jets

Falcons (-5). You cannot think that the struggles of Matt Ryan from last week will continue. He shows flashes of brilliance as the ATL gets a much needed win.

49ers at Eagles (-12.5)

Eagles (-12.5). At this point, Bethard is terrible and cannot score. Wentz can score. Eagles win big.

Panthers at Buccaneers (-2.5)

Buccaneers (-2.5). After seeing the 3 points last week out of the Panthers, I just cannot believe in Cam and company scoring a ton because they will feel the pressure of that abysmal performance last week.

Texans at Seahawks (-5.5)

Seahawks (-5.5). Watson on the road in Seattle will be a tough match-up. Russell Wilson will throw a screen pass late to J.D. McKissic, sealing a 10 point victory.

Cowboys (-2) at Redskins

Redskins (+2). In my heart of hearts, I cannot take the Cowboys against my Redskins. HAIL!

SNF: Steelers (-3) at Lions

Steelers (-3). I have been on the Detroit bandwagon all season because of Matt Stafford but I will take the ball control of Bell out of the backfield as the Lions look slow coming off their bye.

MNF: Broncos at Chiefs (-7.5)

Chiefs (-7.5). Give me the team that is still a top 3 team in the league on a two game losing streak at home. Recipe for a Chief smack down.

***Lines are as of Thursday Oct. 26, 2017 at 11:54 AM EST***