I Finally “Made It”

How I landed my dream job

John Annillo


I remember being asked as a kid what I wanted to be when I grow up.

I’ve literally been quoted in yearbooks saying that I will be either:

1. An Astronaut (just to sound smart in front of my friends).

2. A Basketball Player (duh, who wouldn’t want to be, all the cool kids wanted to be Michael Jordan).

3. A Librarian (because I had a crush on a girl who liked to read, so obviously being a librarian would increase my chances of talking to her).

Well my dream has come true and I can finally say, “I made it.”

While I never actually landed any of those positions, I’ve adopted the dream mindset.

Life is not about landing a dream job, or getting that promotion, or hitting a certain number in your bank account.

As soon as I stopped thinking so much about the destination and started focusing more on the day-to-day journey I became so much happier.

As my day started filling with things I enjoyed doing, I started learning more, productivity went up, and everything else has fallen into place.

So while setting goals are great and I’m a big proponent of them, try to first set the direction for your life. Things that will create a fun, enjoyable, and meaningful journey.

By living a life that enriches your journey and one less focused on hitting goal after goal you might actually be happier.

Have you ever met a successful person who seems to have and done it all but they seem empty inside? It’s because after all their hard work nothing they did was actually meaningful.

All of the checkmarks in your life will mean nothing if the journey you were marking off meant nothing.

A couple of days ago I invited you to write out all of the things you enjoy doing.

IF, you actually freed up 10 minutes to do that exercise you should have a list of all the things you really love to do. I’d be curious to know if what you’re doing now is even remotely close to being on that list.

Start filling your life with more of those enjoyments and you will feel better.

It’s not about where you go, but how you get there.

    John Annillo

    Written by

    Fitness • Life • And Everything In-between @JohnAnnillo http://www.johnannillo.com

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