It’ll be better when…..

Daily Motivation

John Annillo

We often convince ourselves with “it’ll be better when.” It’ll be better when I get a new job, make more money, get promoted. Then we are frustrated that we have to work so many hours, don’t have time for a social life or to hang out with our friends.

It’ll be better when we can buy a nice car and get our dream home. We’ll certainty be happy at that stage.

We tell ourselves that life will be complete when we get married and have kids. That it’ll be better when the kids are no longer babies, teenagers, then out of the house.

It’ll be better when we retire, when we don’t need to work, our kids are grown up, and we can do whatever we want.

The truth is there is never a magical time to start being happy or when life will be “easier.” There will always be challenges in the way, and the more you look to rush to get to the next phase, the faster your one life will go.

Your Mission:

Cherish the time and phase of your life that you’re in right now, be happy with the people around you.

Happiness is the way, time waits for nobody.

Realize that each new phase brings new challenges.

So whether you’re thinking “it’ll be better when:”

It’s spring
It’s summer
It’s fall
It’s winter
You finish school
You find a new job
You get a promotion
You find a boyfriend/girlfriend
You get a new car
You find a different job
You find a different boyfriend/girlfriend
You marry this person
You get a house
You have a kid
You have another kid
Those kids are no longer babies
Those kids are no longer teenagers
Those kids are out of the house
You retire

I could say something cliche like “happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

But I’ll stick with, just enjoy the ride because it’s like a roller coaster with ups, downs, and unexpected turns.

The more you like roller coasters the more you will enjoy life.

    John Annillo

    Written by

    Fitness • Life • And Everything In-between @JohnAnnillo

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