The Two Dogs

Daily Motivation

John Annillo

This morning I saw an older guy I really respect walking his two dogs past my house.

When I say respect, I mean as in he has a Purple Heart, has built-sold dozens of businesses, and was once a star athlete kind of respect. A total stud where anyone would admire for his achievements.

But when he passes, walking these two dogs I can’t help but to laugh. Because the one dog is clearly a lot calmer than the other one who is always trying to pull him off the sidewalk.

I always try to chat him up when I see him and luckily caught him for a couple of minutes.

I asked him, “what does it feel like to be so successful, do you ever have weak thoughts or does your ego ever get the best of you?”

He told me, “of course I do, I have days that I worry my business will fail, that people will one day look at me differently like I was a failure.”

“But then I have days of successes, where I look around at what I’ve accomplished and the great people around me, which helps me to realize that I’m on track.”

He then said, “it’s almost like these two dogs of mine represent what’s constantly going through my head.”

I have my good dog that wants to lead me to where I dream of going and my bad dog that is always trying to pull me off course.

“So which one wins?” I asked.

He said, “easy, it’s the one I feed the most.”

Mission: We all have these thoughts that pull us in different directions: positive, negative, unsure, confused, etc.

The most successful people simply found a way to tame the dog that tries to pull them off course.

    John Annillo

    Written by

    Fitness • Life • And Everything In-between @JohnAnnillo

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