What you see is what you get

John Annillo
May 13, 2014 · 2 min read

What you see is what you get. Studies have shown that we live like the person that we see in the mirror, that nothing controls our lives more than our self image.

Simply put, if you don’t see yourself as being successful, then you won’t be. Since we are so limited by our vision, if you want to change your life, you must change your vision of it.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was retiring from bodybuilding a reporter asked him, “when you’re retired, what will you do next?”

To which he replied, “I’m going to be the #1 movie star in Hollywood.”

The reporter literally laughed doubting that this muscular dude with a strong accent could ever make it in Hollywood.

He then asked Arnold, “how do you plan on making this dream come true?”

Arnold said, “I’ll do it the same way I became the #1 Body Builder in the world. I’ll create a vision of who I want to be, then I’ll start living like that person in my mind as if it were already true.”

Next Steps:

Most of our days are started by looking at ourselves in the mirror. The more confident you are with the person you see the more positive your day can be.

Tape a message to your mirror to remind you to try and be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday.

Things to tape:

The Paragraph Of Your Ideal Day
Your Goals
A Short Motivational Pump You Up Sentence i.e. “Today I am going to be a better person then I was yesterday”
A Quote
A Picture Of A Loved One

Anything that will make you consciously think about why you punched the alarm clock that morning. Your drive, your compass, and the reason you’re going in this direction in life.

Start being in control of what you see in the mirror and you will have a lot more control of your life.

    John Annillo

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    Fitness • Life • And Everything In-between @JohnAnnillo http://www.johnannillo.com

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