Lately, I’ve been witnessing subtle “defensive” design choices on the web more and more. In the last instance, I was switching my portfolio software from Adobe Portfolio to Webflow. However, since it has been years since I added my first project on Adobe Portfolio, most of the original project files were lost. So I thought “Oh I got my videos already on Adobe Portfolio, I just meet to right-click and download!”. Well, I couldn’t do it. Adobe Portfolio doesn’t have the option to download the video.

As a guy who loves a good challenge, I started to tinker. I tried the most popular Google Chrome extensions, nah, didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, those extensions work on 90% of the websites out there, it was just my bad luck that Adobe Portfolio was in the other 10%. Once I exhausted all my extension options, it was time to bring the big guns…

This article is co-authored by Emre, Adam Ali, Alican Tasdemir, Bella Wang, Jess Qi, and John.

Our final year at GBC revolved around the idea of a city of experiences. Taking on the concept of ‘smart cities’ and expanding it, we were looking at it more broadly — what makes a city a city? What are the things people do in cities? What types of experiences are shared, how are those experiences shaped by the city, or shape the city itself? …

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