Raven Coin Cryptic Tweet Deleted

This morning on RavenCoin’s official twitter a message was posted which has caused mass speculation amidst the crypto community after a large scale deal was supposedly finalised in the late hours of last night (7/11/2018). The now deleted tweet purported to show the expected effects of the aforementioned deal on the RavenCoin supply and more importantly to most traders; it’s price.

Investors took to Twitter by storm after the message was initially shared on countless social media’s before being deleted by RavenCoin’s official twitter account. Did someone over at Raven’s marketing committee jump the gun? Or is this a case of announcing a deal too soon as seen with many blockchain related companies in recent months (VeChain anyone?). Either way it seems investors have taken notice with one user posting:

once I saw that tweet I literally bought 4 btc worth of @ravencoin – JohnAkton67

It is unclear what this so-called ‘deal’ pertains to, however, many have speculated it is related to the RVN token network currently in it’s second week of operation. RavenCoin announced on it’s twitter that each new token issued automatically burns 500 RVN, which should see the overall supply of RVN drop significantly in coming weeks.

Source: RavenCoin Official Twitter