Barack Obama: The Catalyst for Brexit
Adam Kinzinger

Please tell me that you’re just following orders and that you’re parroting Paul Ryan? Why do you have such a fondness for US unilateral action in other countries? The President was hoping that other nations in the region would be willing to step up to the plate and enforce that “Red Line,” but no of our so-called allies volunteered to participate. Syria’s civil war is Syria’s problem not ours.

I am dumbfound at how as a Representative of the people, can be all for getting involved in another conflict when the nation is $18T in debt because of it’s last two on-going wars. Polls showed that over 3/4ths of nation wanted nothing to do with the Syria’s civil war, but you and other GOP leaders are still clambering for more war. The fact is that you don’t even know who to support in the region.

If you’re truly interested in getting an honest breakdown of the Syrian conflict visit this link: and get the real facts.

I am also befuddled at why you’re not calling out our Sunni allies to help with this refugee crisis. As of today, Iran has taken in more of these people than our rich Sunni allies in the region like Saudi Arabia & Qatar. These countries could easily step up to the plate but they don’t. The craziest thing about all this is that you’re saying support the Sunnis vs Assad, but ISIS is a Sunni sect often fighting side by side with the rebels.

The most pathetic thing about this blame piece, is that you refuse to give kudos where it is due — blame culture clashes, but don’t point that their fellow Sunnis are not helping; blame ISIS, but continue to support fellow Sunni regimes, then try to tie all together with the President’s “immigration fix” being the reason behind Brexit.

If you looked at the Amnesty that Reagan gave in the 80’s by executive order, what President Obama did in his order actually had many requirements for those illegal parents of US children who are citizens of this country in comparison. The difference is that the democratic party of the 80’s wasn’t like 2008’s GOP party that got together on election night vowing to ensure the new president’s failure…Now you’re blaming Obama for not stopping refugees from entering Great Britain, and in the same breath you criticize him again for trying to help with the refugees by giving them asylum, and it’s all because he refused to take unilateral action against Assad.

Your praise the SCOTUS for blocking the fix that the President copied from Marco Rubio’s plan, but I have heard nothing condemning the decision that erodes our 4th amendment rights or last year’s decision which severely limited our 5th amendment rights. You and your fellow GOPers spend so much time worrying about ISIS, but yet pay no attention to the wars happening in our cities throughout the country that kill 100’s each day, why?

If the Brexit vote illustrated anything today, is the people are tired of a political class who utilizes the country for whimsical desires. When the vast majority says please do this, (like people on the no fly list shouldn’t be able to buy a gun), and you do the opposite, (like supporting suspect terrorists right to buy a gun), you end up with a country full of people who believe that it’s time to solely focus on their own brothers & sisters at home, and not next door or down the block.

Until the political class realizes that they work for the people, and not corporate donors, the divisiveness within our nation will continue.

I am John Burchardt, a true No Party candidate in IL’s 16th congressional district; people have the power to make change happen — WRITE-IN BURCHARDT for Congress! Ladies & Gentlemen, this land is OUR land, and WE the people are taking it back!

Why a write in campaign? Because the ballot rules are so skewed in favor of the two party system, that without a personal fortune, gaining access outside the parties is literally impossible, 687 signatures vs 25,000 signatures!

Even the two other somewhat major parties, Libertarians & Greens are having difficulty getting the 50,000 signatures to get their presidential candidates, Gary Johnson & Jill Stein on the ballot in IL.

I had intended to utilize the democratic party to gain ballot access just like Bernie Sanders has, but the party has chosen NOT to run a candidate in IL’s 16th district. People deserve a choice! I plan on giving people that choice!

If the people want a true representative of their interests, someone who is truly beholding to no one, but the citizens of the district — then buck the system & make change happen WRITE-IN BURCHARDT for congress.

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