A Path Forward, Together.

Now that it has been nearly a week after the political upset of an election, we must reassess and move forward, not backwards. I was wrong, pollsters were wrong and only one side was right, and it was in fact the Right. The truth hurts and that is, we let our apathy and complacency lose the election. We acted elitist, calling the other side a host of demeaning names and we felt justified because we figured we are on the right side of progress. I seen my leftist friends, begrudgingly support Hillary and chastise those who supported Trump. One such example was a gay woman shame gay people that voted for Trump. She is free to speak, as they are free to vote. We were not united, not motivated and because of that, we had everything taken from us.

I found that throughout this election there were a few sound bites that stood out. Noticeably lovetrumpshate. I find it ironic that our side, the democrats touted that (hash)tagline in response to DJT rhetoric about America while name calling his supporters. There is nothing wrong with that, we are one of many free nations but the one thing we did not understand was that love does trump hatred. Their love for Trump, trumped our hatred of him.

To the Left, Donald ran a fear campaign, but to the right, it was similar to Obama’s message in 2008. Despite his remarks, his platform was to make America great again. Some say America declined because of lost jobs, others due to globalism and crony capitalism and a same part because of minorities. Whatever the reason, they believed his message and joined his cause. He was right in his statement about shooting someone and not losing any voters. Hillary on the other spectrum faced a fight from both sides.

For most, she was the lesser of two evils. She had rigged it against Bernie Sanders and it was obvious she was going to win. But for many democrats, it was a tough choice. We had grown apathetic to her tenure, distasteful for her handling of the primaries. Many millennial’s argued that voting for her was business as usual. She had Wall Street, newspapers, and global support. She won the popular vote, so then why did she lose? It was Love that trumps hatred.

So what now? How can we come back from this embarrassing defeat? By being stronger and united. The party of the Left must embrace all aspects of progressiveness. We must have the ideals of progress with the leadership of moderation. We can’t move forward by being bitter, but by learning the mistakes of the past. For the right, they took Donald seriously but not literally, whereas everyone else took him literally and not seriously. If we are to move forward and be agents of change, then we must not let our apathy dissuade us from progress. You can read the whole article and go on with your day, or simply take the extra second and share this article. We have the technology but do use it? Obama said “Yes we can” but now the question is “Will we do it?”

-John C.