1. Customer experience. This is a big one for me. When a customer is shopping online, they want to have the best possible browsing experience. Haven’t you ever been on a companies website and were annoyed by how slow it was loading? It’s a terrible consumer experience. I leave a slow site and move onto the next company offering similar products or services. With all of my startups, I lead with customer experience. My team members are always finding new ways to improve customer experience, and you should focus on that as well.

2. SEO, SEO, and more SEO! Site speed and performance has a direct correlation with how a website ranks. Google favors fast websites, and the reason is that Google wants to provide the best search results to its customers. …

How To Get Backlinks
How To Get Backlinks

How to build a healthy link profile and what to avoid.

As we all know, backlinks are crucial to our online success. What websites are referring back to you and how many relevant sites are referring back to you is key to domination.

Now when you put your backlink cap on, you probably went to Google first to find helpful tips on acquiring backlinks. Chances are you saw some companies offering “paid” backlinks. You might be thinking, well, that was easy. Before you click to buy, take a second and think about why buying backlinks is a terrible idea.

  1. They are complete, 100% against Google’s policy. If you are caught, you can be hit with a big-time “manual penalty.” This is nasty stuff and nearly impossible to recover from. …

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How to find startup talent like a rockstar!

Finding a qualified employee is one of the harder things you can do for a startup. With so many job board type websites, how do you choose the right platform for finding new employees? I’ll let you in on a trick that has propelled me into finding the best talents and networks. This is mainly for a startup, but if you are working with a large company and have some extra time, I recommend this method.

1. Don’t ever post on job boards!

There is nothing worse than being bombarded with unqualified people applying for your new startup position. I have wasted countless hours sorting through electronic resumes. It’s almost as bad as unsolicited emails. …


John Cantlin

I am an Entrepreneur that has a strong focus on the pet markets. From startups to nonprofits I am always working on ways to innovate this space.

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