Ruby is a language for the people

One of the things that make it difficult to break into coding is the fact that coding languages can feel almost impenetrable. Many languages seem cryptic upon first glance and the idea of having to decode them seems daunting.

Ruby is not one of those.

In it’s essence ruby is a language that is built for convenience and ease of use. It’s practical. It reads well. It eschews bulk and unnecessary details in favor of making a coding language that feels almost human. In our effort to speak with computers humans have consistently been bent at the force of these machines only to spit out language that is lost to the average reader.

Fortunately Ruby is not that way.

Upon first inspection simple lines of Ruby are fairly straightforward. Sure the syntax is different from traditional English and it’s obviously code but the essence of communication is definitely there.

Ruby is favorable compared to a lot of other languages for these reasons. The fact that Ruby is so user friendly makes it a great language to explore the possibilities of programming. It’s not often we encounter languages that seem to welcome those not already engaged in the programming nomenclature but Ruby does exactly that.

Ruby is a straightforward language that I look forward to using.

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