What are the Benefits of Xbox Live 12-month Card

If you are a seasoned Xbox gamer, you are probably aware that an Xbox live membership takes the overall gaming experience to the next level. A membership plan provides you an access to games, movies, apps and lots of other exciting stuff. These memberships ensure that you do not remain short of experiencing the thrill Xbox offers to gamers. This article is created to explain the need of Xbox memberships to gamers all over the world.

Advantages of Xbox Live 12-month Card

Connecting with Other Gamers
Subscription to the Xbox live store allows you to connect with players around the world in a multiplayer gaming network. You gain gaming experience and are likely to meet like minded gamers while you are on your gaming spree. Membership also allows you to video chat and share photos with other members, thus providing a highly immersive gaming experience. The subscription allows you to get an unrestricted access to the multiplayer gaming arena.

Enhancing Your Gaming Reputation
The Xbox membership card allows you to enter a rating system where you can influence other players to cast their votes in your favor, by showing them how good you are at a particular game. This leads to adding up to the overall credibility; thus building out a good reputation for you in the virtual gaming world.

Meeting New Challenges
The membership offers the members an opportunity of facing new challenges on a daily basis. Players from across the world will challenge you in gaming battles, where you will get a fair chance to prove your gaming competence. Subscriptions are the best way to give players from all over the world a ‘taste of your sword.’

Saving Time and Money
Not only does Xbox offer an enhanced gaming experience, but it has some monetary advantages as well. A 12-month membership card can save you the hassle of subscribing regularly. It is a onetime investment, after which you do not require regular sign-ups. Furthermore, as compared to a lesser valued membership card, a 12-month card proves to be more economical.

Becoming Socially Active
Xbox live not only serves as a gaming platform but it also acts as a social networking podiumon which people can meet and communicate with their friends. It allows the users to store contacts and add interests to their profiles, simply to enhance the fun of gaming.

An Xbox live 12-month card is all it takes to enter the exciting word of Xbox live where unlimited gaming prospects are awaiting your arrival. If you haven’t purchased a membership yet, now is the right time to do it.

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