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Joggers: beware of SODs Syndrome

I have discovered a new disorder and believe it to be rather widespread. It has potentially serious health implications for joggers…

A Bit Rich

What was conveniently omitted by The Tele

Got to laugh. Last night we got interviewed on our doorstep by The Daily Telegraph. The article was about the…

Trello to Omnifocus via Zapier (please)

Request for Omnifocus & Zapier integration

I have a request for a Zap:

Trello > Omnifocus

I use Omnifocus as my master to-do list, spanning all my projects across multiple clients and teams. I use Trello to publish a Kanban board to various teams.

Why using NLP for Social Intelligence
is a game-changer

How NLP is driving breakthrough business insights

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A Bit Rich

Matters of Importance in Australia

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Bye Bye Tony

Images that can tag themselves

Bring on Neural Networks for DAMs

Recent advances in Neural Networks provide scope for quantum improvements in Digital Asset

Why and How users “favourite” Tweets

A study by Genevieve Gorrell and Kalina Bontcheva.

The reasons why people favourite a Tweet is poorly understood, however it has strong relevance for personalisation and information access applications.

Five favourite categories were selected and validated:

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing

Stephen Pulman @ 2014 Sentiment Analysis Symposium

This short presentation looks at Deep Learning applied to Natural Language Programming. It discusses neural networks, and their limitations; propagation, pre-training, word-embeddings (the vector representation of words), verb-phrase vectors, and their potential to improve…

Graceful shut down

A wonderful closing down business letter

We received this lovely letter from the real estate agent that manages an investment property for us. It demonstrates a care and an ethic that is all too rare in today’s cutthroat business environment.

Dear John & Lisa


Supply Chain of Misery

A man sits in a cafe.

He sips delicious Guatemalan coffee, where forced labourers, some as young as five years old, toiled under cruel and dangerous…

Metadata | tracking every citizen

Metadata retention is mass surveillance


Tracking Every Citizen

Jumping in

Committing to my first marathon swim

10 Feb 2015

After contemplating the idea for a couple of months, and putting my toe in the water by…