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Joggers: beware of SODs Syndrome

I have discovered a new disorder and believe it to be rather widespread. It has potentially serious health implications for joggers…

Metadata | tracking every citizen

Metadata retention is mass surveillance


Tracking Every Citizen

Jumping in

Committing to my first marathon swim

10 Feb 2015

After contemplating the idea for a couple of months, and putting my toe in the water by…

Hertz — sure does!

A brief report on one of the worst customer experiences I have ever encountered.

On the 11 November 2014, I hired a Corolla from Hertz for the evening. They took a $100 security deposit.

When I returned the car I reported that something was amiss. Either the petrol gauge was faulty or there was a fuel leak, because far…

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Bye Bye Tony

Bye Bye Tony

To the tune of Bye Bye Blackbird

Pack up all your dames and nights
Toss the towel, stop the fight
Bye Bye Tony

Even Rupert Murdoch knows
It’s over son, time to go
Bye bye Tony

Nobody believes or comprehends you
Not even good friends can defend you…

“Nowhere is magical unless you can bring the right eyes to it”

This wonderful TED talk by travel writer Pico Iyer’s is poignant. In it he talks about the importance of quietness and…

Phew: ABC cuts aren't cuts, but dividends

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has come forward to clear up a simple misconception: that the $252 Million removed from the ABC’s budget is not actually a funding cut, but rather an efficiency dividend — an annual reduction in funding when increases in productivity make it possible to realise savings without compromising outputs.

The Bàcari of Venice

In Venice, it best to avoid restaurants displaying a tourist menu, especially those with photographs of pizzas in the window. Instead, head into the backstreets and seek…