Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 Review

When my Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 arrived, the box was in good condition, it was easy to set up and it is just right for me (5’4) and my husband who is 5’11 tall. And I am sure a 6’2 guy can use it. With its price it’s a really good buy. After a month of using it I am so satisfied and am happy that I decided to buy it.

Based on reviews, this seemed like just the thing: simple and easy to use. I also purchased the Serfas Bicycle Saddle Pad based on other reviews of the hard seat at the same time.

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I was ready for a nightmare when it came to putting Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 together but in reality, it was a breeze. The hardest part was actually getting the tape off of the parts on the marked diagram card. I would say it was about 15 minutes all told for assembly.

I practiced on different belt adjustments for tension and it was remarkably easy to increase and decrease tension. So easy that it is a breeze to even switch the tension for different users on the same machine without complaints of time wasted. It takes more time to go through the electronics for the one I use at the gym!

The best ultimate indoor bike trainer bike stand guide of 2017

I also like the Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 handlebars, so my upper body can be getting a workout while I’m pedaling instead of just my legs.

I would only recommend getting the gel seat cover they recommend to get, I think it’s called “Cloud Nine” Other than that your good to go.

As for the midget thing… again my husband is 5’10” and because of the reviews saying this bike wasn’t for tall people, my husband immediately put the seat on the highest setting. I could barely get on the bike and we ended up lowering the seat 2 holes to get the right fit. So, my assumption is that it would actually work for those taller than me.

The calories burned/distance/time display is easy enough to read… I still have young-ish eyes, but I am not going to stare at the thing while riding anyhow.

The frame is heavy duty aluminum, with great looking welds where needed.

The directions that come with Body Rider Fan Bike BRF700 are complete, well organized, well illustrated, and obviously written by someone whose American English is his/her first language.

This is an excellent deal for the price. If you are not looking for a super fancy exercise bike, which by the way, would be hard to move around, this is a great deal. It doesn’t feel cheap, it does what it is supposed to and will give you a great workout.

I cap off my workout with 15 min on this bike and I’m already sweating profusely. Unless you are Andre the Giant this bike should be ok for average sized persons.

I adjusted the tension so that I could work a little harder. This tires me out faster than the spin bike. I like training for speed and agility and this bike is what I wanted and at the perfect price.

Are there better bikes out there? May be, but I’m not spending huge money on a Schwinn when I know for a fact that his bike provides the same type of tension during my workout. FREAKIN’ BEST PURCHASE I’VE MADE ON AMAZON.

Well it’s a great bike to me and I hope this help you to make a better informed decision.

All in all, very pleased with the bike!!!

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