Confessions of a CNO

Chief Nodding Officer

For a while there, I was spending more time in meetings than actually being able to work. More and more of these meetings had little to do with me, my department, or the work I had waiting for me back at my desk.

Sure, I contributed what I could to these meetings without wasting too much breath or time, but often I found myself reduced to just nodding.

Nodding to show my agreement. Nodding to show I would think about it. Nodding to just move this meeting along.

So I gave myself the executive title of CNO (Chief Nodding Officer).

Let’s face it: I was very good at nodding. And I thought it would look great on a resume, too.

I could picture it now:

Interviewer: “I see here you have experience at the executive level, as, uh, Chief Nodding Officer?”

Me: *Nods

Interviewer: “Oh my. Top notch. When can you start?”

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