Refrigerator Notes

A Post-It Note Portrait of Two People

Kenmore OfficeElite 7900 (Stainless)

To the PRICK who ate my yogurt: This is a community fridge! For the entire office!! My yogurt was clearly labeled. Can you not read?? Hands off! -Steve

Steve, I’m the one who ate your yogurt. So sorry! The post-it fell off, and I buy the exact same yogurt. (Orange cream is so good — childhood summer in a small plastic cup!) I feel terrible. Please accept this four-pack of orange creamsicle goodness as my apology. -Ann from Accounting

Ann- I brought in your leftover chicken kabob for you. It’s got your name on it (next to Bob’s Pepsi stash). 
You were so right about that place! We have to go back sometime. 
Hope it’s good the second day! - Steve

Frigidaire A2400 (White)

Happy birthday sweetie! See you at the office. I love you. - Ann

When did you get in? I know you had a rough day. The Patterson account is hell on all of us. 
Good luck today. - Ann

Happy Anniversary! You’re the best thing to come into my life.
 Love you. 
 - Steve

Kenmore OfficeElite 7900 (Stainless)

You prankster! The flowers were gorgeous! And the orange creamsicle yogurt? Haha, nice touch. 
See you tonight, babe. I love you. - Ann

Get a room, you two! 
Sincerely, Your Co-Workers

Frigidaire A2400 (White)

Champagne in the fridge. 
(We’re getting so close!) 
- Steve

Found empty bottle in the trash. Did you drink the entire bottle without me? I know the Patterson project fell through, but we’re in this together. Hang in there. 
See you tonight. 
Love, Ann

DON’T FORGET — Dinner with my parents tonight. 7 PM. 
Please try to be on time. 
- Ann

Your dinner is in the fridge. 
Where were you? -Ann

Good luck on your first day at the new job! I’ll miss you at the office, but this is so right for you. 
Go get ’em, girl! Love, Steve

Meeting a client for drinks after work. (This is me working on my communication, as promised!). 
Expect to be home late. Don’t wait up. - S

Steve — I’m going with dad to his appointment. His chest pains came back. Call me. Love, Ann

Let’s make some time for each other. 
I miss you. -Ann

You missed another appointment. It takes both of us, you know. 
Do you even want to fix things? - Ann

Ann — Last night was not what you think. Cheryl is a client. 
Nothing more. I swear. Talk later? -Steve

Your food is in the fridge. 
It would be nice to actually have dinner with you again. -Ann

Work is crazy! Thanks for understanding. 
These long hours will be worth it. 
- Steve

Let’s try to get away this weekend. No laptop. No work. You need a break. You’re short with me, and you’re always stressed. 
Not sure how else to help. What do you say? 
Is the lake doable Saturday?

Sorry, I just saw your note. I can’t do the lake this weekend. I have a client meeting already scheduled. Another time, okay?

Dad’s calling is at 2 PM, at St. Matthew’s. Don’t know you’ll even see this, but please. 
I need you. 
Be there? 
- Ann

Ann: You’re asleep in the other room as I write this on the last of our kitchen notepad. I’m sorry for the pain of the last few months. I drifted away from what really matters. 
It’s always been you. 
My compass needle was spinning out of control until it found you again, my True North. 
I hate myself for thinking my job was ever so important. I emailed J.B. with my resignation. I’m closing this regrettable chapter of my life. 
Our lives. 
I’ll find something else, but right now I’m only focusing on you. 
On us. I love you. 
Sleep well. -Steve

Here are the lake photos! 
Look at you on the dock — “Wet chicken club, forever!” 
Love you. - Ann

Good luck today! 
Leftovers in the fridge. Your mom said I didn’t exactly fail with your dad’s recipe (high praise from her)! 
- Steve

Doctor’s appointment Tuesday next week. 
Scared. Can we do this?! 
- Ann

It’s A GIRL!

John Essex is a professional medical editor and founder of Peak Medical Editing. When not editing medical manuscripts, he enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and cheering for his toddler son’s potty training efforts (though not necessarily in that order, and sometimes they overlap). He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and son. You can find him on Twitter as@johnessex3.

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