The Bridge 025: Second Chances

On Wednesday, President Obama commuted the sentences of over 200 federal inmates, the most ever in one day and enough to bring his total 562, more than the past nine presidents combined. Those numbers don’t include the number of non-violent drug offenders he’s ultimately released from the feds by helping reform crack laws, which has gone unnoticed but may be more impressive.

As he enters last six months and looks to cement his legacy, Obama’s work with clemency and reform will always rank high for me, especially the latter. Brothers were given football numbers under Reagan, the elder Bush and Clinton, including many who wouldn’t see their families for another 10 to 30 years if it weren’t for the changes in sentencing. It meant a lot of husbands, dads, sons, brothers and friends who learned hard lessons yet they have a second chance at life, lives previous administrations looked to take away.

Song of the week: Chance The Rapper’s “Living Single” — More than most, Chano from 79th’s used his music to track his growth and shared everything with fans, from the kid suspended from school to the young man who became a dad and slowed life down to focus on a relationship with his child’s mother. Flipping the forgotten Fox sitcom’s theme here was a stroke of genius.

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