I do it right ?cause I can’t do it wrong
That’s why the whole world is singin’ this song… Jam On It!

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One of my Confucius-like friends has a great saying: “An imperfect action will beat out perfect inaction every time.”

Ok, I have told myself week after week. I need to start doing more Social stuff online. I need to put out content. In my Biz, if you don’t have constant content then people forget about you, they forget about you, they don’t buy tickets to your shows. Since I don’t look good in Yoga pants filling my Instagram feed is going to be tough. Then I thought what if every week i write a little post. Then the next thought would be, I can’t write, I spell super bad, I dont have anything to say. F*** It Ya’ll im jummping in ….

People are far too concerned with getting things right and not concerned enough with getting things done. They’re scared of doing something wrong or incorrect, and it paralyzes them. We all know people like this — the ones who don’t want to try anything unless they know they’ll be great at it, for fear of failure and embarrassment. The truth is that many of the most successful people in the world are also the world’s biggest failures.

Colonel Sanders’ first restaurant failed when he was 65 years old. He took his first social security check and went around to restaurants to find a franchisee for his fried chicken recipe. He was rejected more than a thousand times before selling it to a friend in Utah.

I used him as an example because im crazy hungry

The list of stories like this is a mile long. The point is, though, if you can’t handle failure, then it is unlikely you will ever be able to handle success, let alone achieve it.

We’ll repeat that: If you can’t handle failure, then it is unlikely you will ever be able to handle success, let along achieve it.


The only way to live guilt free is to stop avoiding failure. Seriously. You’re actively avoiding failure all the time. Knock it off.

Tweet that last paragraph to your friends. Trust me, it’s deep.

Instead, focus on taking action towards success, towards achieving. Commit to consistent action.

Just do something.

Take all the time and energy you spend avoiding failure and spend it avoiding inaction. Instead of worrying about failure, worry about inaction. Instead of aiming for doing things right, aim for doing things period.

Because it’s not failure or lack of success and achievement that are the sources of your guilt. it is this inaction, this not doing things, that is the problem.

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