Games To Watch In 2016

Some of these games have been on my unofficial “To Watch” lists for years, and it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll come out this one. But you can always hope! Here’s what I’m looking forward to, whenever it comes out!

Gorogoa / The Witness (Jan 26)
First-Person Mysteries
Firewatch (Feb 9th) / Return of the Obra DinnTacoma
Donut County / Home Free
Enter The Gungeon / Starr Mazer / Death’s Gambit
Eastward / Night In The Woods
More Adventure
Oxenfree (Jan 15th) / Sea of Solitude / Way to the Woods
Magical Realist
Kentucky Route Zero -Act IV- (soon!) / whatever Simogo releases
Tiny Prototypes
All the small games of Daniel Linssen (Managore)
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