It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

You talk about Obama like he’s a saint.

You omit his support for the TPP and his inaction on DAPL and the fact that he gave Israel a 25% raise after they murdered 500 children and the way he’s turned Syria into the new Iraq if not the verge of WWIII and all of the other things that make him and his party so abominable to real Progressives. It sounds like you think Obamacare is just as good as the universal healthcare that the modern world enjoys when in fact it’s a pathetic half measure.

Whatever progress Obama has made will very likely soon be undone because of his own corruption and incompetence.

I don’t think Bernie should apologize to Obama. Quite to the contrary, I think Obama should apologize for not addressing the massive corruption that gave the Presidency and control of Congress to the GOP. If he had done something about the corruption in the DNC and the elections and called for new Primary elections, we wouldn’t even be talking about this now. Instead he turned a blind corrupt eye and willingly watched Clinton slither her way over Bernie. We should sue to have the Primary and the General re-held. Bernie would win both in a landslide.

The DNC de-registered an untold number of voters to prevent them from voting for Bernie in the Primary and then many of them couldn’t vote for Clinton even if they wanted to. People waited in lines for up to 5 hours to vote for Bernie because Clinton aligned Secretaries of State closed polling stations. They rigged the primary 8 ways to Sunday. Obama did nothing. You pretend that the Primaries were not rigged. How disingenuous.

This is the typical DNC loyalist tripe that blames the victims in an effort to avoid reform. It sounds like you want to run Clinton again in 2020. Good luck with that. The DNC better buy bigger white noise machines.

You blame Bernie for keeping us from having our first female President. You leave out the fact that if it weren’t for Obama condoning corruption, we’d have our 1st female Vice President. You blame Berners for not being sycophantic enough, like you obviously are.

You call Clinton the “first female nominee for President of the United States”. You ignore the fact that Jill Stein was nominated by the Green Party last year And got more votes for President than any woman before her. Women have been running for President since 1872.

Don’t blame the victims! Clinton and Obama aren’t all that. Your dogmatic loyalty to a corrupt corporate DNC and their candidate who promised Progressives virtually nothing and who loves war and who has left a trail of death and destruction across the world which you ignore, does not make them good.

You’re entitled to your opinion but the exact same thing is going to happen again in 2020 if the DNC doesn’t reform. You’re not calling for reform of any kind. You’re not even calling for the election to be nullified and re conducted as a remedy to the corruption that has tainted the results. What you seem to be calling for is all of us to accept the DNC candidate no matter how corrupt and regressive he or she is next time. That’s not going to happen. Live and learn instead of live and make excuses.

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