#BothLivesMatter, Mary’s personhood, and the Ohio ban on abortion
New Pro Life Movement

As an example of what I’m talking about,

“ Mary as a key figure in the story of salvation does not seem to inform the church’s vision with respect to its advocacy for the unborn, which remains woefully womb-only.”

To which I have to respond, what Church’s vision of the pro-life movement are you talking about? If anything, I think the Church has been criticized for leaning *too heavily* on Mary as a model of a woman who accepted an unplanned pregnancy and surrendered to God’s will.=

The real pro-life movement, not the strawman you’re beating, does acknowledge the personhood of women, and works to address her needs. Certainly with plenty of room for improvement, but the idea that it considers women to be inanimate bearers of a womb is a ridiculous slander that feeds pro-abortion narratives.

Be better than that.

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