Trust Us, There’s A Reason You Got Divorced

Are you getting a divorce, but you’re not quite sure why? Amazingly, this happens to many couples. They never fight, they think they are doing everything right, and then the relationship dies anyway. What went wrong? It could be something you overlooked.

Don’t Know Why You Got Divorced? Here Are 4 Reasons You Didn’t Think Of…

  1. Hidden Resentment — Your spouse is going to screw up, that’s just human nature. The problem arises when you or your spouse can’t move on after the screw up occurs. This means one mistake keeps getting referenced in every argument, and eventually that will end your relationship.
  2. Missing The Connection — You listen to your partner and you spend time with them, but are you really there? Many times we get caught up in things like cellphones, social media, TV or the newspaper, and this can break togetherness even when you’re sitting next to each other.
  3. Time Apart — Every now and then spouses are forced to spend time apart. Whether it’s a work trip, an ailing relative or just a scheduled break, sometimes this time apart can feel good. This can lead to spouses thinking they may be better off on their own, but could that just be an illusion of the moment?
  4. Never Fight — Sometimes couples don’t fight, but that isn’t always a sign that there is no conflict between partners. Not fighting over things can sometimes mean you just don’t care enough about the relationship to fight for it. This can lead to a slow withering of your marriage and eventual divorce.

There are many reasons couples get divorced, and these are just a few of the ones you might not think about. What other reasons for divorce are there? Keep following our divorce blog to find out, and follow our Facebook and Twitter to find other divorce facts that slipped your notice.