Why I started a fashion line

I just launched a new company in the fashion space. Brummell is a premium subscription sock service. Subscription models are nothing new, and certainly sock lines (99% of which are gimmicky) can be an eye-roll-inducing cliché. However, I’m taking more of a contrarian approach. And while I regard socks as a Trojan horse to building out a full-fledged brand (Bloomberg recently explained this quite well) and will be quickly expanding my product line, the genesis of starting with socks is really simple:

- I hate colorful, themed, and loud socks. Too many people conflate them with personality and style. I’d rather make a statement with a suit or even a hoodie.
- I hate sorting and pairing socks; it’s tedious and time-consuming.
- I hate color-matching socks with my outfit. It’s just not a decision I want to make in the morning, especially when hungover.

Conversely, I love the feeling and comfort of fresh, new socks. Thats why as a lifestyle choice, I always order 10 pair of identical black socks and refresh them every few months. And having written about this as a lifestyle choice many times, I have turned countless people on to the practice.

I looked at the market, and while there are plenty of annoying subscription services for loud and gimmicky socks, no one is focused on premium, elegant socks delivered to your door every few months at a massive discount. So that’s why I decided to just do it myself.

Website: https://www.brummellco.com

After testing hundreds of socks from Neiman Marcus and other high-end retailers, I settled on a preferred blend, found the factory that made it, and then slightly tweaked it — less cotton, more spandex and polyester — to give a more breathable, lighter, silkier feel, and to prevent slippage.

These are socks that retail for $15–20 each, but we deliver them to you for about $6–7, in quantities and intervals of your choosing. In keeping with my philosophy, I am initially only offering the socks in black, navy, and charcoal. In addition to the subscription model, we also support one-time purchases.

I decided on the name Brummell, as an homage to Beau Brummell, the founding father of modern fashion, who rejected the idea of visible tights in 18th century London, choosing instead to allow his rich personality and meaningful fashion choices to speak for him.

I hope you enjoy the Brummell experience — a premium subscription sock service for men who value their time and money, understand that loud socks don’t add personality or style, and as a lifestyle choice, love the feeling of fresh socks.

Don’t subscribe to support me. Subscribe because it’s a phenomenal product, will save you money, and will improve your life.

And… stay tuned, as we have big plans to expand our product offering, starting early next year with minimalist modal underwear. Modal is a premium, natural, eco-friendly fabric that is vastly superior to cotton, with natural odor fighting properties that absorbs 50% more moisture and is resistant to shrinkage, greying and pilling. I will also be taking on my nemesis — the classic undershirt — by offering a shirt that is flesh colored (100% invisible), has a deeper V, is tighter (slimming), longer (stays tucked), and also made primarily of modal.


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