The reason why I write.

By: Johnathan Nichols

I write the poetry of my mind.

God,Depression, inspiration, love, mistakes, pain, misery, those are the reasons I write.

For its my heart and soul that writes the beauty of poetry.

My mind runs rapid with all of these thoughts of self-harm and harm to others.

Writing poetry keeps my mind from wondering.

It keeps me from wanting to harm someone for the things they say to me.

My mind is of the swirling storm, always carrying the things that I can never forget.

With everything that’s going on in my mind, no one understands what I am going through only God does.

Yet other people like friends and family don’t really know how fragile I am because of the pain of been through.

Poetry is my heart and soul trying to escape reality to a place where happiness last for eternity.

For my life feels like a dream I’m trying to escape from.

The painful memories of the past overwhelms me.

Seeing everything over and over again never letting go, traumatized for life.

Try to understand the poems I write, try to understand my pain even if the pain I feel can never be felt by anyone else.

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