The storm of life

By: Johnathan Nichols

My life is swirling like a storm that cannot be calmed.

You hear the roar of life calling you to join.

Where my heart goes it cannot be found.

Trying to beat the storm thats heading your way.

But fate has other plans unknowingly you enter the storm.

No matter how hard you try to escape.

No matter how much you scream, cry and bang.

You remain trapped in the storm that you cannot escape.

Again and again you try to escape but to no avail.

Fearing the worst you seek help from God.

You pray and pray for God to deliver you from the storm you cannot escape.

When God finally delivers you from the storm you cannot escape.

You give your life unto Jesus Christ and all old things are past away.

You begin life anew devoted to Jesus Christ.

When you recieve the baptism of the holy ghost your life is forever changed.

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