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No brainer! The results of this election were decided in 2008 when the ruling elite class decided that 2016 would be the year they coronate the first queen for The United States Presidency and I don’t believe any power in Heaven or on Earth is going to change any of that. I have been predicting this myself ever since 2008. American elections are nothing but a show to appease the masses because the results are determined by either the Electoral College or The Supreme Court. We might as well dispense with individual citizen votes altogether because the elections are always manipulated by the moneyed elite aided by the bought and paid for so-called “Media” and enabled by the dark money provided by Citizens United. It’s all working toward the day when the globalists will have dispensed with all national identity and all borders and boundaries and will declare a global community I like to call “The New One World Order.” The coronation is proceeding as planned. Thank you for reminding us.