The UK, War and Jeremy Corbyn: Legerdemain Writ Large

Let me try and understand this.

The United Kingdom is on the verge of going to war and one man is standing up suggesting it’s not a great idea.

He bases his argument not simply on the fact that war is by nature a destructive thing. No he also makes the sound arguments that we have no indication there are available ground troops to actually accomplish what we want to achieve, nor is there any sense that a workable plan will be reached to avoid the inevitable follow-on bloodshed and misery that our interventions in the Middle East always engender.

Now you would think that would be a rather meaty set of subjects for the UK press to sink their teeth into.

But instead, it would appear there’s a lot a more interest being paid to the interaction between Jeremy Corbyn and his own Labour Party over their stance on the matter.

This morning Andrew Marr of the BBC allowed Jeremy one minute in which to get into the substance of his opposition to Cameron’s proposal and then immediately turned the interview back on the topic of intramural Labour politics.

Sky News on Sunday night was equally fascinated by the internal machinations of Labour.

So here we are about to send young men and women to bomb other young men and women in the name of wiping out a phenenemon that is clearly evil without any clear chances of success.

And instead of looking at how that war is really going to be waged or how a peace can be brokered against all odds, we’re wondering if Jeremy is going to withstand the backlash from his party.

Legerdemain means slight of hand in the world of magic. It’s when the magician steers your eye away from the action he doesn’t want you to see.

I suppose then we’re all attending a magic show at the moment, the ending of which will result in tears all around.

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