The NASD has been heading the same direction for the past several years. There has been limited change, but not always positive change. Two things which hold steady are an increased property tax burden on district residents and a discernable disconnect between the district and community. That is why I asked myself, can the NASD do better?

I am a proud, 2016 graduate of the NASD. Consequently, I have been witness to those board policies that work and those that do not. The vibrancy of our diverse student body is evident in our classrooms, our extracurricular activities, and our informal social gatherings. Our diversity is our strength. Obviously, we live in a community with pressing economic realities. Our residents cannot continue to shoulder our ever-increasing tax burden. I believe, that we can do more with less. My goal is to restore the faith of our tax paying base. I believe that my experience as a recent graduate coupled with my enthusiasm for our diverse student body can bring a fresh voice to the board.

I am a pragmatist and will always look for the best solutions for our district, our students, and our taxpayers.

We need 21st century solutions to solve 21st century problems. I believe that I can be a strong voice in generating community support to reinvigorate this district. The time to make a change is now.

We are in a time, where outdated ideas will no longer get the job done. We cannot afford continued support of leaders in this district, who only offer more of the same. If we ever want the NASD to reach its highest level of achievement, the time to make a change is now.

Let us make a change together in this district. On Tuesday, May 16th, vote John Maxey for NASD School Board. With your support, I promise to work my hardest to find solutions to our problems, and to bring a fresh voice to the School Board!

Learn more at: Johnmaxey2017.com

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