This post originally appeared on the Monthly Experiments Project.

Hopefully, you do. Because that’s what this month’s experiment is all about!

In case you’re new here, every month I take on a personal experiment and write about my results. I usually pick an experiment I want to do at the beginning of the month, and write a post about it, and invite you to join me.

But this month, instead of focusing on my own experiment, I’m going to be helping other people (like you!) with their own experiments.

So, basically, this month, I’m leaving the experiment idea up to…

June 2015: “National Decluttering Month”

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve actually posted on the Monthly Experiments Project. I’ll write an update post (or ten) about the cool experiments I’ve been doing in that time (Neurofeedback, giving up alcohol, giving up sugar, starting a new business, and taking on a new fitness experiment) which I’m excited to tell you about a little later.

But today I want to introduce a brand new experiment that I’m starting this month, and you’re invited to join me.

I’m calling it the Decluttering Experiment.

The inspiration for this experiment came to me when I was traveling, and it’s something…

Jump Without Looking

This post originally appeared on the Monthly Experiments Project.

Last month, I held a No Excuses Challenge on my blog. It ended up being one of the toughest and most rewarding experiments I’ve ever done.

At the beginning of the year, I was floundering a bit. I wasn’t really making great progress toward my goals. I was making excuses instead. So, for two months, I gave up making excuses. I kept an Excuses Journal and every time I felt like making an excuse, I wrote it down. …

These are the ingredients of your life.

The Most Amazing Boxer Ever

I met an amateur boxer at a party a few years ago. He seemed like a nice guy, quiet, maybe even a little shy. We were making small talk, and I started asking him about boxing.

“So… how many fights have you been in?”


“Wow, that seems like a lot! What’s your win-loss record?”

“Believe it or not, my record is 0 and 86.”

“Oh… you mean, you’re undefeated?”

“No. Just the opposite. I have 0 wins, and 86 losses.

Holy shit!

I think my jaw probably dropped for a second.

From The Monthly Experiments Project

Originally posted here:

Today is February 1st, and I’m really excited to announce a brand new experiment we’re going to be doing this month. I think it’s going to be one of our best experiments ever, and I hope you decide to join me. More on that in a minute.

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I’ve written about my monthly experiments here. In fact, it’s been way too long! Since I last posted here, I have actually done a few experiments that I haven’t written about yet, and I’ll share…

Also: how to do anything.

No one has any idea what they’re doing.

I love that. I love that we’re all just improvising, trying to make our way in life or business. Parenthood. Whatever. We just figure it out as we go.

Maybe learning to improvise is a skill you can get good at. If you get good at it, maybe you’ll be “successful” at something. I’m mostly bad at it. I try something new every month, just for fun, to experiment and learn and to keep from getting bored. It helps, even if it goes wrong sometimes.

I became a dog catcher today while I was walking home from lunch.

I turned…

Jumping ship in puerto rico

How do you balance user feedback with your long-term vision?

Ryan Hoover sent out an email for Startup Edition asking that question. Some really smart entrepreneurs gave great answers here.

I was too slow to write him back before publication (sorry Ryan!), so I’ll answer that question here instead.

Your startup is a ship.

Your long term vision is the destination you’ve plotted on your maps and charts.

Customer feedback is the wind.

photo by john muldoon

A lesson from climbing.

I’ve climbed mountains in 20-something countries around the world. I’ve fallen, bled, summited, cried from both joy and fear, and marveled at the incredible beauty and savagry of the world.

None of those things makes me brave.

I used to believe that climbing was about glory and triumph, and that courage was about reaching a summit against the odds.

That was before I became a climber. Now I know better.

Climbing has taught me that the summit does not define us.

Courage has absolutely nothing to do with triumph or success.

We are defined by the simple act of going toward our challenges.

That’s the definition of courage. You don’t need a mountain for that.

Photo by John muldoon

(ever again)

If you’re like me, you might put a lot of pressure on yourself to “succeed” at things. To write a successful blog post, or launch a successful product, or have asuccessful interaction or meeting or date.

The emphasis on success brings a ton of extra pressure to a situation. It’s pressure we invent for ourselves. That pressure causes stress, and the last thing you need is extra stress in your life. Right?

Forget About Success

One way to never fail at anything, and to remove that pressure and stress is to look at things from a different angle.

Instead of trying to succeed…

Glacier NP, John Muldoon

Since starting the Monthly Experiments Project, I've been thinking a lot about habits.

In many ways, our habits define us.

Habits can mean the difference between being rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, happy or unhappy, stressed out or stress-free.

Habits vs. Circumstances

Oddly, I don't hear many people talking about their habits. I usually hear people talking about their circumstances.

People say "I'm broke and in debt" instead of saying "I have some bad financial habits that I need to change."

Of course, our habits aren't the only thing that determine our circumstances, but they do play a greater role than many…

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