Andela Self Learning Bootcamp Day 2

The Andela bootcamp day 2 started on a high notch, we were tasked with developing basic crud operations of our flask application and there i was, thinking how easy this challenge would be. However, the trick was all CRUD operations will be performed on non-persistent data in simple terms it was not to be stored in a database. This meant data for this challenge we will be using flask sessions to store the data in memory and assign it to some empty list variable.

With this in mind, i had to set a session key that will hold the sessions created by the HTTP requests and afterwards create an empty list for storing the data. Now everything was going smoothly until it reached time for actually posting the data. I kept on getting a 400 server error and on further analysis i realized the HTTP post request data was not being captured correctly. This lead to countless google searches trying to find a work around for the problem until i stumbled upon Flask WTF forms.

Flask-WTF extension lets one use the popular WTForms package in a Flask applications for smooth integration with flask models. Let me debunk that, what that means with a simple Form import i was able to link all my form fields to my models and capturing the form data was even simpler, i only had to initialize the form class, assign it to a form variable and boom!! my first create operation was up and running.

All in all, i would say Andela self learning bootcamp is up to my exceptions. There is growth in each day and while always keeping in mind the famous EPIC values, Andela is slowly shading more light into my previous dark path of becoming a world class developer.