Periscope Summit 2016: A Celebration of Apple’s App of the Year

Periscope Summit 2016 (Image by Keith B. Dixon)

The Periscope Summit 2016, (re-dubbed Summit Live in order to encompass all live-streaming platforms) held in San Francisco just this past January, combined a celebration of Apple’s 2015 iPhone app of the year with a mass convergence of global live-streamers. It is the largest live-streaming event of its kind in the world.

Periscope celebrity and consultant Alex Khan ( remarked, “I loved how people from all over the world could be a part of our live Summit thanks to Periscope. It is amazing to see how we have become a global community in less than a year.”

If you have ever wondered if there is still good in the world, experiencing Periscope Summit provided proof positive that people still care. Broadcasters and viewers from all walks of life have benefited from the strong sense of community that has become a hallmark of the Periscope experience.

The summit provided yet another opportunity for this tight-knit community to do what they do best — connect and network with others to bring about positive change.

One of the hosts Brian Fanzo ( observed firsthand the power of this kind of connection: “You don’t need permission to take action, this community is strong because the people here are real, raw and believe they can change the world, and some are determined to do just that!”

I have personally seen Periscope become a powerful tool to help people on a global scale. My presence on Periscope as a therapist and calm expert has enabled me to educate, encourage and empower individuals to take ownership of their emotional health.

Because of Periscope and other live-streaming platforms, I am able to reach out to those in need and build a personal brand at the same time. I’m on a mission to help people around the world keep calm from stress, anger, anxiety and fear. Periscope, along with other live-steaming apps, provide me a very unique way to fulfill my mission as a positive influencer.

If you think live-streaming is only for teenagers to brag about their gaming skills or broadcasting dry segments of C-SPAN, you should reconsider. Attendees at this year’s Summit showcased a diversity of talent that rivals more traditional forms of broadcasting.

Joel Comm (, author and internet marketer, echoes this sentiment: “Having been in the online business world for over 20 years, it’s rare that I experience the buzz and energy that took place at Summit Live! The group was incredibly diverse and the conference center was packed with talent. Most of all, I experienced that people just wanted to share the value they bring with others, simply by being themselves. That is the beauty of Periscope! I can’t wait for the next event.”

Hats off to Periscope’s CEO, Kayvon Beykpour, and his team for providing a “gateway” to the world. Apple’s exclusive recognition in 2015 is a high honor among the world’s social media platforms. The Periscope app can be downloaded on iOS & Android devices.

Congratulations are also in order for the Periscoper of the Year nominees for the 8th annual Shorty Award: Ryan A Bell, Brian Fanzo, Mitch Oats, Dan Snow, Geoff Golberg, Amanda Oleander, Tom Green, Gary Vaynerchuk, Katie Dunlop, Matthew Santoro, Africa Miranda and Season & Snare. The winner will be announced later this year.

Live-streaming is the next big thing with the potential to change the way we view our world, quite literally.

If you want to learn more about this new means of influencing the world for good and the power of live-streaming, mark your calendar for Summit Live 2017 ( It will be held Feb. 9–12 in San Fransisco, the main hub for some of the largest social media companies in the world such as,, and

If someone were to ask, “Why should I attend next year’s Summit Live?” I would say this: Live-streaming is not just a new fad or technology. It’s an opportunity like no other to connect in a personal and powerful way with people around the globe.

This conference brings people together for collaboration, networking, and building lasting relationships.

It’s not about the individual behind the phone, but the community that surrounds them, it’s not about a single purpose, but a movement we can and should get behind.

I hope to see you in my next live broadcast on Periscope.


John Cordray is a therapist on a mission to help people around the world learn to keep calm. Visit to learn more.

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