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Thursday 12th March everyone at received this message

“…Your safety and wellbeing is paramount and with this in mind we would like to perform a full CTM Business Continuity test to confirm that the CTM business could operate in a scenario where we all operate remotely.”

The message came at 15:49 and the test was to take place the following day (Friday).

At the time, we all thought we’d return to work after the test, and things would continue as normal for quite a while. …

Relative estimation (or relative sizing) is my favourite way to find out the overall size of a project during the inception. I like it because it’s a quick and easy way to handle lots of stories, and it handles lots of uncertainty really well.

Relative estimation is not my idea and you can find lots of info on the web. The below are just the instructions I use. I hope you find them useful…


Before you can start estimating, you need to have some stories to estimate!!! The below instructions assume you are drawing to the end of a…

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Everything we do should have value but working out what that value might be can be difficult. Often, we’re working on something we’ve never done before, and so we carry out research, look at the available data, and run some tests. Occasionally, we’re making a change we have done before. In theory, that makes it easier to estimate the value of the change. But you can’t take the previous improvement and apply it 1-to-1 to a different product.

I was struggling with this problem whilst planning a major project on the home insurance part of Compare the Market. We were…

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