Ayn Rand on love, Capitalism and the Virtue of Selfishness

John Ploskina

I’m still too busy with my move to write anything good. I’m drenched in sweat and my new house doesn’t have hot water yet, so I’m not going to appear on YouTube today. Let’s write something quick and dirty just to pump out some content.

Many wonder how I keep my cool when my wife lies to the police, I get fired and my entire family shuns me for religious and/or political reasons. Christians are flummoxed that I can make my way through life without the shining example of Jesus Christ, who they don’t bother to follow at all. I like Jesus because he rebelled against the Pharisees and preached individual freedom and responsibility. Most of his followers today want you to pay lip service to Him.

The real answer is I’m a Philosopher and my original ideas are an offshoot of the Cynicism of Diogenes, but with heavy influence by Aristotle, Socrates, Voltaire, Smith, Jefferson and Madison.

For me, the Gateway Drug of Philosophy was Ayn Rand. When I get bored with the Great Sausage Factory that is intellectualism, Ayn Rand perks me right up.

My idea woman and constant inspiration.

She was a genius with a face only a mother could love, but in her teen years she was the sugar baby of Russian industrialists and bankers. In her old age, she adopted an artist as her husband and paid for him to live in luxury by her side. She was a sex-positive feminist, but feminists hate her because they have an irrational hatred of Capitalism.

Rand wrote great fiction. The Fountainhead is my favorite book of hers, but Anthem and Atlas Shrugged can’t be denied. Most forget that she was involved in the early days of Hollywood and wrote films. She was a constant nuisance to the production team of the Fountainhead.

I want to do a readaption of this for Netflix.

Since I’m busy and I already wrote too much, I’ll leave you with cartoon Ayn Rand, who is still on point. In this video essay, she discusses her total lack of Faith and conviction in Capitalism.

We should all strive to be Randian Superhumans in our own ways.

This is music to my ears. Don’t forget to recommend this blog to all your friends who love music and/or television.

By the way, is anyone alive today creating Philosophical rhetoric and fiction as high quality as Ayn Rand… other than myself? You be the judge.

What would you rather see made into a Netflix series? My fiction or Universally Preferable Behavior?
John Ploskina

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