Beyond Super Hero and Villain. Beyond Good and Evil.

Mel Brooks vs. Andrew Anglin is Stefan Molyneux vs. Friedrich Nietzsche

I struggle with weight loss at times. Take a look at this old video.

I’m not sure how much weight I’ve lost since then. I was overweight as a child, so I’ll always have a beer belly. I’ve since adopted the paleo diet and I train like a martial artist. I studied Japanese, Chinese and Filipino martial arts. I look better now. I taught English to make money.

Like Charles Darwin, I traveled across chains of islands, studying biology, science, language, art and religion. I did this on a whim, after I couldn’t find a satisfactory entry level engineering gig when I graduated from college in 2003. I paid for everything myself out of my own pocket.

I worked at a call center to save up the money for the oneway plane ticket. I taught English to Chinese kindergarten, grade school and high school students part-time at schools throughout the Taipei Metropolitan area.

I’ve sung for some heavy metal bands and punk bands. I’ve done some acoustic solo shit.

I lived in Taiwan for almost two years. Most Americans mistake this island nation for Thailand. Thailand is famous for TEH GAY. 42!

That’s the level of multiculturalism we’re working with here in the United States. Thailand is a contiguous nation in South East Asia. Taiwan is an island nation off the coast of China. Are these jokes? Are they exaggerations, or are they true?

Did you ever meet me in Pittsburgh, or Appleton, or Cleveland or Baltimore and say “Is this real life? You sound like you should be on Red Letter Media.”

I use a joke writing technique I learned in China called “Chinese Between the Lines.”

The goal is to interpret a sentence in Chinese or another language in different ways to make sure you understand their meaning. It’s similar to “reading between the lines” in English. It helps you understand the context of the words and find hidden meaning. It’s like a thinking tool to help your mind focus on solving the puzzle of translating a foreign language into English without speaking.

“The burden is heavy and the road is long.” My favorite Chinese idiom. Another English translation: “Life sucks and then you die.”

This goes back to when wars were led by hand-written letter. It would take months to get letters from commanders back at their home base. Letters from home took even longer. Writing subtracts body language, intonation and facial expressions. Reading between the lines helps us imagine that we’re talking to a real person when we read.

I read a lot and I rarely speak to anyone at all because of the severe introversion that comes from my autism. I also read much faster than people talk. I’m moderately face-blind. I’m dyslexic. I can type faster than most, but my handwriting is impossible to read.

I spend a lot of time contemplating my personal habits and adjusting them. It’s like tuning a musical instrument or practicing martial arts like yoga, taichi, Muay Thai, kung-fu, shotokan, etc.

I believe that this coupled with my regular use of marijuana has been helping to heal my autism symptoms. My second hypothesis is that my autism symptoms are caused by vaccine damage since birth. The United States has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the world. It also has one of the busiest vaccine schedules.

I’m not a medical doctor, but after a lot of my own research including careful study of my own life and personal habits and that of my son, Saul Ploskina. In general, I would say that I agree with the ideas in this documentary.

I’m not sure if these things are related or not. There’s some science and some good books that can go either way. I’m still investigating. Everyone thinks I’m a “conspiracy theorist.” That’s why I started writing non-fiction and why I decided to publish a selection from the introduction to my first non-fiction book Memetic Warfare here on Medium.

I’m a computer programmer by education, but my chosen profession is that of the Philosopher. I started reading adult books like Stephen King, Ayn Rand and Tom Clancy around the age of 10. My IQ was measured around 146.

In spite of this I did poorly in school, according to my grades. It seems like there’s a problem with grades. Coincidentally, my engineering career is kind of a pain in the ass too. I work from home. I used to be able to manage my autism and marijuana use until my recent firing.

Let’s pretend that was marijuana related and nothing to do with #Pizzagate, the Julian Assange Scandals, the Notre Dame Fire and the 2020 election. Joe Biden isn’t going to be President, right?

Why doesn’t anyone care if I’m happy at school or work?

In high school and college, as hip hop and dance music took over for hard rock, punk rock and metal, I noticed a general nose dive in the quality of life in the United States. Movies and television dropped in quality. I don’t see movies as good as “The Shining” or “2001: A Space Odyssey.” I don’t see television as good as The Simpsons seasons 2–9.

I called it the “Post-Quality Era.” In my novel “The Far Unlit Unknown,” I called the first chapter “Everything Sucks.” The first chapter of my first non-fiction book is called “Architects of the Great Decline.” The Decline of Western Civilization is a constant theme in my work as a writer.

Is this cliche for a Philosopher? Have Spinoza, Marx, Hitchens, Franklin, Madison, Dulles, Buckley, Smith and others beaten this question into the ground?

The most recent Avengers movie did poorly financially against corporate expectations. It was a massive disaster in the corporate world. Honestly, it’s a disaster on the level of Ishtar for Disney and Marvel, even though both companies will make a lot more money.

Why? Because Disney overplayed their hand. They made too many spin-offs before finishing the main story. There’s no interesting stories left in Star Wars or the Marvel Universe.

How is that possible. Aren’t these universes teaming with life?

Aren’t there aliens in space? Why aren’t there flying cars IRL? What the hell happened to Futurama? Why has the dollar lost 97% of its purchasing power? Why can’t we seem to build a wall on our southern border with Mexico? Why are the most powerful corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Adobe filled with non-US citizens entering the US on H1-B visas? Why is it so hard for young men to find work?

Why are so many women failing out of schools and into strip clubs, nursing homes and carefully hidden pornography and pedophilia rackets? Why are there so few stable marriages? So few children with employed and loving fathers in the home?

My answer is Stockholm Syndrome. Why? Because many adults are abusive to children, and many children are abusive to adults in return. Because people are much more likely to repeat a pattern of behavior that works, cycles of violence and abuse self-perpetuate across generations.

This graph from CNN Money doesn’t include the cost of going to college!

My son goes to one of the best school districts in Pennsylvania. Once, my wife found my son wandering around in the parking lot by himself after school. The teachers didn’t notice that he was by himself. I’ve also noticed that my son is often sullen and withdrawn after school. He doesn’t want to talk about what happened during the day.

He tells me he wasn’t bullied, but he has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. His behavior is strange. He doesn’t fit in at school, and I often disagree with his teachers about this like gun rights, vaccines and the military industrial complex.

“These things are not taught in schools” is a phrase I often hear whispered around schools in every country I’ve visited. If we’re supposed to know these things… why aren’t they taught in schools?

What do they teach about 9/11 in US schools? Do they teach that it might have been an “inside job?” Do they teach that Pearl Harbor was? What about the sinking of the Lucitenia? I’m looking forward to reading my son’s history text books to find out.

What the hell happened to freedom of speech in the US? Why do churches trade free speech for tax exempt status in the United States? Why is medical marijuana still so hard for people to get, even in legal states? With all its health benefits, why is marijuana still illegal at all?

Did Obamacare ever give anyone a free trip to the doctor? Wasn’t that supposed to be socialized healthcare for all?

Could it be that the 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine have interlocked to begin the beating of War Drums once again? It seems likely. But why?

Is it a crime to start a war? If so, who should be punished for starting the Global War on Terror in the United States?