If I believed in God, I’d thank Him for sparing us President Kasich

John Kasich seems to have forgotten that nobody cares about his opinion on anything. He wrote a worthless opinion piece for Time Magazine.

As news reports surface of yet another missile test by North Korea, the United States must consider increased pressure on the regime of Kim Jong Un.
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is right that all options need to be on the table. I strongly believe this should include a regime change and the removal of Kim Jong Un and his immediate Pyongyang inner circle. Without Kim in power, North Korea will collapse in indecision, and the possibilities of peace in the region will be immediately enhanced.


John Kasich is either a bloodthirsty neocon warmonger, or entirely ignorant of the devastation and death heaped upon North Korea in the first Korean War. The entire country was completely destroyed. It is estimated that 20% of the population of Korea was killed during that conflict.

The North Koreans refer to the United States as the “American bastards” even in scholarly texts. They have been digging in for war with the United States for decades, and have artillery armed and ready to destroy Seoul at the first sign of trouble.

If you think that North Korea’s leadership is insane enough to commit suicide by attacking the United States in an unprovoked war of aggression… Um… how many countries has North Korea invaded in the last two decades?

Speaking of which, how many wars is the United States currey involved in? Can John Kasich even name all the countries that we’re bombing at this moment?

Arrogant neocons like John Kasich, John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will drive this country right into the dirt with miserable unwinnable wars for the sake of their own egos and the donor class.

Hopefully the rumors that Donald Trump hates General McMaster and plans to fire him are true. The neocons must be routed from the government and the welfare-warfare state must be dismantled before the American Empire winds up on the ash heap of History like every other bloated, out of control collapsed civilization.

Assuming it’s not already too late…