Micro-Banning on Medium? Shadow Banning on Medium? Is John Ploskina the American Alexander Dugin?

Has anyone else had issues with censorship or shadowbanning on Medium recently? I used to have good engagement here and on other social media platforms.

Is Gab still a decent place to hang out for the #AltMedia? With the elections coming up, it seems like social media is tightening up again. I got fired for stupid reasons from my high powered military industrial complex job.

You know what that means! They couldn’t find anybody to testify against me for sexual harassment! No one credible is even bothering to announce a candidacy against the Trump Administration!


Who is Bill Weld?

Should I go back to Gab? The last time I was there, it was filled with people who took the most extreme parts of the #AltRight too seriously. I’ve always tried to present myself as something new. My ideas are new. I’m influenced by Noam Chomsky, but not Che Guevara. I travel a lot by motorcycle, but I piloted motorcycles all over South East Asia to invent my own unique take on Anarcho-Capitalism.

I’ve decided creating my own political philosophy is sort of like creating my own sub-genre of music. For example, you can combine heavy metal with just about anything and get something relevant. We’ve already discussed this metal with bands like FinnTroll (polka-metal) and Cattle Decapitation (vegan death-grind) and Cynic (jazz-metal).

The best recent attempt at creating a new political philosophy would be Anarcho-Capitalism IMHO.

I’m not a big YouTube personality yet, but I’m sort of a limited hangout for the Open Source Intelligence movement. If you’re familiar with James Corbett, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Caitlyn Johnstone, Andrew Anglin, The Intercept, Julian Assange, etc, I think all these internet personalities are relevant to a single movement called Holistic Anarchy, Voluntarism or Agorism. It’s a superset of Anarcho-Capitalism and some other ideas.

Engineers will understand what I’m talking about. Noam Chomsky is full of shit! Anarchy is fundamentally Capitalist.

“The Next Rasputin?” Vladomir Putin is worried Dugin will turn out to be Russia’s Chelsea Manning…

Open Source Intelligence is an attempt for independent journalists to sidestep the CIA and publish their own work independently on the internet. OSI Agents simply consume a combination of internet media, books, newspapers and cable news and produce their own content. Some of us are lucky enough to have contacts in high places and/or a lifetime of adventuring in foreign locals.

For example, on Instagram I was able to reach out to Xi Jin Ping, the Human-Emperor of China. Of course, God-Emperor Donald Trump has been following me since the 2016 election. Since then, the shadowbanning on multiple platforms in multiple countries has ceased. That’s Open Source Diplomacy, of course! I’m a comedian! Neither of these people are Emperors.

Donald Trump is a President. Xi Jin Ping is the General Secretary of the Communist Party. November 2020 is just around the corner. If you’re ready to over-think the next election… Seeing Through the Media Will Return!