Philosophy students and Patrons pay the bills.

John Ploskina
Jun 20 · 1 min read

I’m still looking for a job, so I’m announcing my lowest ever hourly rate for Philosophy students. This is a big deal.

My big announcement video. I should probably film a fancy commercial soon. Blog readers get to be ahead of the curb.

If I can get people to pay for the hours and hours of quality discussions that I accidentally give away for free… my job search will be over.

Meanwhile, if you happen to run a massive corporation, do you have any engineering work that doesn’t involve programming geofencing satellite accessories? I used to like doing things like that, but those kinds of companies don’t support their employees through health problems and a divorce.

I used to be scrum master of teams of computer programmers that built custom software for big name hospitals. Yes, really. This is my comedy blog, but the events I describe are real.

Even Senior Software Engineers fear my C# Kung-Fu. Even the C-Suite envies the mind of a genius polymath world traveling adventurer. They called me God’s Quality Assurance. I like to imagine that even God fears me.

This image is here just so that Medium will include it as the image for this article. That’s silly.

Chali 2na is da shit.
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