Reviving the miracle of science. Death to God! Vote Republican!

Do you remember the days of the Red Menace, when there was a Communist under every hill and stone? Most people don’t, do they?

I have actually lived in sort-of communist countries and had some entertaining conversations with communists. I reject most of what Karl Marx had to say. He was a fine observer and critic of human nature. I disagree with involuntary collectivism, but I think communist countries should be allowed to exist within their own borders.

One reason is the perpetuation of the One True Religion, Atheism.

I was raised Catholic and everyone thinks I’m a gay child molester. It’s a stereotype that I can’t seem to get away from, especially since I traveled all over South East Asia teaching English to children, high school students and adults.

You will find yourself learning to reject superstitions pretty quickly when your whole life is partially defined by this.

Did you ever notice that nobody actually gives a shit about North Korea? Why don’t they just let us visit? We should start deporting communists to communist countries. Think of all the people on welfare in the United States who could have productive lives doing… whatever they do in North Korea.

I think the Trump Administration should send me on a diplomatic mission to North Korea to explore the possibilities. There’s a lot of people here who could probably learn Korean and learn the languages and cultural traditions there. This would be much more productive than allowing them to vote in the United States.

It’s probably too late for 2020, but we should moving pretty fast here.