When there’s nothing else to write about, this is a music blog

John Ploskina
Jun 22 · 1 min read

Sometimes the War on Terror gets you down, but it’s a Saturday and you need to get some kind of content out there. Fans of Scott Adams, Stephen King, Stefan Molyneux and Red Letter Media and Search Engine Optimization know that hustle is what keeps the paper moving. My constant readers know I’ve been Julian Assanged out of my Military Industrial Complex job.

They’re already excited to see my books on Netflix, and they know that takes time.

This is what CNN has for you today. Why aren’t you reading my news blog daily instead? Don’t you think I should help you make crucial decisions about voting, raising your children and other aspects of your daily life?

I’m working on some YouTube videos about Peaceful Parenting, my son’s struggle to defeat his Autism Spectrum Disorder, and my time as part of the Anonymous Hacktivist Group. I’m still trying to find a job at places like the Washington Post, Breitbart, CNN, Fox News or Al Jazeera.

I think Info Wars doesn’t want me.

Meanwhile, while I’m busy with videos I can quickly entertain my readers with a great song.

Cynic was a Jazz Metal band from long ago, when music still sounded like music instead of electronicy bleeps and bloops.

I’m old before my time somehow.

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