Will Jeffrey Epstein be punished?

John Ploskina

Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail. Why?

Remember a few months ago, when I was fired, humiliated and arrested because several people lied to the police about me? It was right around the time of the Notre Dame fire and the Julian Assange arrest.

I’m not 100% sure that Epstein will be punished at all. Unfortunately, I seem to be part of what’s happening around here. Don’t worry, I’m not an insane pedophile billionaire. I’m a world traveling adventurer, genius polymath and Philosopher.

How can Epstein be punished at all? There will be a show trial and we’ll all know he’s guilty. He will go to jail. I don’t see how he could possibly suffer in recompense for the damage he has done on this Earth.

I used to be a teacher and I enjoy working with children a lot. I’ve taught Philosophy, English, music, acting and all kinds of other stuff to hundreds of people all over the world. I’ve been in plays and bands with children and young adults. I’ve also worked with special needs kids. I tutored a Taiwanese deaf girl and tried to help her learn to speak comprehensible English. I failed. I still cry about it sometimes. My son, like me, is HFA. I still cry about that too.

A few times, women I’ve known have mentioned they were secreted away to safe locations for easy sex with celebrities. What scared me about this is that they were pretty young and that’s all I’ll say. What made me sad about it is that I must keep these things a secret because the women asked me to and they were very young.

That’s all I’ll say because the practice isn’t exactly frowned on and the women were actually delighted by the experience. I was startled because I would NOT have wanted easy sex with women that young at age 38! Not of the kind I described, anyway.

Once a girl who looked about 12 told me about blowing all four members of a popular band in a row. The band members lined up while leaning against a wall in an auditorium and laughed about it. I can’t really imagine sitting around waiting for a 16 year old to do this, but that is the age of consent and that’s what happened. I believed her because these things happen in music and that’s life.

The 16 year old girl gave me a thumbs up and grinned. I don’t happen to think men should be proud when that happens. I don’t think blowjobs should be easy to get from gorgeous, adorable young women who look about 12.

I don’t understand why any popular (or unpopular) band needs to run a gang-bang blowjob rail on any 16 year old. As a musician I have never done this. One can hope that she is exaggerating, but I tend to doubt it. These things happen. I’m sure she told somebody else she’s a virgin.

What’s yours is MINE! What’s mine is mine too! Dave Mustaine probably has mostly one-on-one sex with women. That’s actually how you’re supposed to do that. This is a music blog. Please recommend it to any of your friends who like music and/or television.

Many musicians, especially the ones who travel, get addicted to exaggerated sex like this. That’s fine, but sometimes they drag the girls into the addiction with them. That’s one of the many reasons you find so many beautiful young women with terrible personalities and/or bad marriages.

I’m a Libertarian Republican. Go ahead and run gang-bang rails. I suggest waiting until a lady has had more life experience though. I suggest men get individual girlfriends instead. A “rock star” should know better? (This wasn’t an obscure Death Metal band.)

To tell you the truth… if a girl that young and beautiful showed up at a Punk or Death Metal show I think there would be a riot in 2019. Shows like this are usually sausage factories under the best of circumstances, but now it’s really bad. In the ‘90s… the hardcore stuff was like that but you could dance with a hot chick at a ska show. If you treated her bad, you got taught a lesson, though!

Street justice ain’t just.

In a world like this, the celebrities are racing to catch girls before they become that. Did you ever notice that they like to do that?

It’s impossible to cause enough discomfort to someone like Epstein for all the women he turned into hardcore gang-bang blowjob enthusiasts. I’m not one and tend to tell all women to avoid them. I’m no prude, but sex is powerful and multi-input sex is really playing with fire.

Does anyone really want their 16 year old blowing four or five men in a row?

I’d like to see Epstein go to prison but he’d be treated well there. They’d put him in maximum security prison to protect him from punk rock punishment.

John Ploskina

Written by

Philosopher, author, musician http://www.JohnPloskina.com

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