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Find out more about the logistics for the OneTeamGov Global Victoria Unconference, taking place in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, on May 21, 2019.

John Kenney
May 8, 2019 · 6 min read

If this post looks familiar, great! It follows a format (and a lot of content!) put out by our friends from the OneTeamGov UK team. We are big believers in re-purposing great work and are grateful that they share so generously. Massive thank you to Nour Sidawi , James Arthur Cattell, DavidBuck, Joanne Rewcastle, Sam Villis. Sharing is caring.

If you need a ticket to OneTeamGov Global in Victoria, you can apply here (tickets are free):

Tickets are released every week.

You’ll find the previous posts we’ve written about this event here:

  • All the things we know you’ll want to know! (and if we’ve missed anything, please get in touch via the contact info at the end of this post).

What can I expect at OneTeamGov Global Victoria on May 21, 2019?

The unconference will take place at the Victoria Conference Centre and will be comprised of four parts:

  1. The Marketplace: where networks and supporters, such as NotBinary and others, will have stands. This will take place in Pre-Function 2B on the second floor.
  2. The Heart: a space to connect, reflect, and integrate. Our day
    will be opened and closed in The Heart, and it will be open all day with a variety of activities for conversations and creativity. You can find The Heart in Salon A and B on the second floor.
  3. The Sessions: where we will discuss and workshop the unconference session topics created and selected by you! These will take place in the Saanich, Oak Bay (1 and 2), and Esquimalt rooms on the first floor, and the Colwood (1 and 2), View Royal, and Sidney rooms on the second floor.
  4. The Quiet Space: a place to rest, relax, and recharge. The Metchosin room on the second floor is reserved for this purpose.

Check out the Victoria Conference Centre floor plan for more info on the layout and room locations.

How will the day pan out?

If you have been to an unconference before you’ll know that people usually pitch ideas that they want to talk about. We’re going to be pitching differently at OneTeamGov Global.

The organizing team learned from our OneTeamGov colleagues at last year’s London unconference and we’ve been honing our skills by running unconference teasers over the past year.

We’ll be doing something called 25/10 crowdsourcing from Liberating Structures to co-create the session topics. You can read all about it here:

As a participant, all you really need to know at this point is that agenda-setting still happens on the day. You will be asked to write down one bold and ambitious idea to radically reform the public sector on a card, and we’ll then guide you through a fast-paced exercise to discuss, score, and collectively select the highest ranking topics for the sessions that will take place over the course of day.

In addition, and this is a new twist, we’re going to make all the ideas available in The Heart, where you can join others in exploring the ideas, including the patterns and themes that might emerge among and between them. We’ll make space for Heartbeat Session discussions during the day for topics that come from The Heart.

If you haven’t been to an unconference before you’re in for a treat!

Registration will be located in Pre-function 2A (just across from the Sidney room) and you’ll find coffee in Pre-Function 2B, both on the second floor, before moving to Salon A and B (also on the second floor). There will be lots of volunteers on hand to show the way, and to help any attendees with accessibility or other needs.

Where will the conversations take place?

We’re mindful that people will have all kinds of reasons for wanting to attend the event, and that we need to consider everyone’s experience.

We’re also mindful that some people have come a long way, and it’s important that you have time to meet people, chat, and make meaningful connections (we’ve created spaces in The Heart and Marketplace areas).

Our supporters and networks from across the public sector will have a market stall as a place where people can come and chat, if they wish.

Where will the activities take place?

The activities will start off and wrap up in The Heart, which is in Salon A and B on the second floor. There will be tables, seating, and activities throughout the day, and people are encouraged to mingle. Once the session agenda is set in the morning, it will be made available to participants and concurrent breakout sessions will get underway. The Heart will remain open all day for both planned and spontaneous activities.

We are mindful that people may need some time out, as the day is packed full of activity. We have created a Quiet Space for reflection, self-guided meditation, or create in more tactile ways.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in running an activity in The Heart — the timing of activities will be approximately 45 mins.

We’re also looking for people to share their skills over a 30 to 60 minute period: taster sessions to inspire curiosity and creativity. Is this you? Could you teach people basic knitting, sketchnoting, or painting? We know we’ve got a lot of people with amazing skills coming, so if there’s something you want to share, get in touch!

What about food on the day?

Coffee, tea, and water will be provided throughout the day.

On the day, you’ll pick up a lanyard and name badge with a number 1 or 2 on it — this will let you know which of the two lunch slots you’ll be eating in (we do this so that the spots for lunch don’t get too crowded). There are lots of eateries around the Victoria Conference Centre, including a Food Truck Festival mere steps away.

Image for post
Image for post
Directions to the Food Trucks at the Royal BC Museum from Victoria Conference Centre (2 minute walk)

What should I bring?

Bring an open heart, an energised mind, your best listening ears, and passion.

What time are we starting?

Doors will open at 8:00 am for registration, networking, and intention-setting. We start at 9:00 am.

Some volunteers, along with the organising team, will have been hard at it from 7:00 am.

What time are we finishing?

We will be out of the door no later than 5:00 pm.

Is the venue accessible?

Our team have scoped out the venue with the event manager and we are confident that the venue is friendly to people with accessibility needs, but if there is anything in particular you need in order to make the day run more smoothly please let us know.

How will I know if I’m a volunteer?

Firstly, a massive thank you to those that have volunteered, if you need a hug at any point come and find any of us from the organising team. You’ll know if you’re a volunteer if you’ve receive an email from us about it.

And, lastly…

Thank you so much for coming. But more than that, thank you so much for believing in the art of the possible, that we can be better, and that by listening to others and learning together we will be richer as a result.

We are incredibly excited and can’t wait to meet you.

The OneTeamGov Canada Team!

Contact Us

Please get in touch via @OneTeamGovCan on Twitter or using the #OneTeamGovGlobal hashtag, or by email

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