6 Reasons I’m Going To CRUSH 2016…

1. I’m working smarter

I’ve learned from my failures. I learned from my self-doubt. I’ve learned how to endure even during the toughest times. I now work smarter. I don’t distract myself with things that aren’t helping me achieve my goals while others are concerning themselves about something they overheard at the water cooler. I’m listening. I’m absorbing all the drama and distractions that are happening around me and learning how to beat them. I’m finding weaknesses. If you know me, I talk a lot, like A LOT, but I’m also watching everything happening around me and formulating a plan to crush it.

2. I’m focused

I have clear goals. I have them on my phone, in my calendar, on my white board, on a sticky note, on my to-do list, on my bathroom mirror. They’re constantly in my mind taunting me. They challenge me and they scare me. They give me motivation and they make me better. I know where I’m going and nothing is going to distract me. Again, crushing it.

3. I track my progress

My goals are specific. They challenge me. They are measureable. I grade myself everyday and hold myself accountable. I’m my own worst enemy and my favorite coach. I talk to myself, I give myself pep talks, I psych myself out, and I get pissed at myself. In the end, I know I control my own actions. It’s my responsibility. I trust myself but I question my actions everyday. Did I do all I could today? Did I move myself towards my goals today or did I get distracted by some other bull shi*t? Most days I win, some days I WILL lose. I learn from the losses that make my wins more impactful.

4. I don’t care what others think

I’m focusing on what I’m good at and don’t give a shit about my weaknesses. I also don’t need your validation. I’m not going to please everyone. I might even offend some. I have thick skin. I love the haters. I’m going to be successful. The more you tell me I won’t, the more fuel I have to prove you wrong. Passion and authenticity will help me succeed. I will win. I will not give up. I will crush it.

5. I rely on others

This has been the hardest change to accept for me as an entrepreneur. I prided myself on being a jack-of-all-trades and excelling at many things when others couldn’t keep up. I was winning the fight, but not the war.

For me to focus on my strengths, I need others to pick up the slack with my weaknesses. The one thing I thought was my biggest weakness turned out to be my biggest strength. I don’t have to be everything to everyone and trying to do so is a futile effort. As much as I always need to be right and win any argument just because, I also realize that I NEED to rely on other’s strengths and not only my own to be successful. Still a work in progress…

6. I’m self-aware

I recognize my strengths but more importantly my weaknesses. I know I suck at many things. I’m terrible at writing, as you can tell from the grammar and sentence structure of this blog post. Whatever. I ask for help when I need it and I focus on crushing it when I’m in my element. If you judge me on my weakness, please refer to #1. I’m not naïve to my weaknesses but I don’t let them paralyze my strengths. I’m going to put myself in positions that allow my strengths to crush it and let others help support my weaknesses.

How YOU win in 2016

Follow the tips above and you’ll be on your way. The mental hurdle of your own self-doubt, judgments from others, or other shit that’s holding you back is real. It’s not easy to overcome nor is it a one-time fix. The barriers to success are frequent and never come at the times when you’re unstoppable. It can feel like they always come at your weakest time and continue to beat you down.

Being successful is as much a mentality as it is visible progress…

Pro Tip:

Lay back in your favorite recliner. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Then yell f*ck you to those problems or people holding you back. You’re in charge. Next? Hustle harder. Kick 2016 right in the nads…

Let’s make it rain in 2016…

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