Why do we hide our sadness? It’s beautiful!

The other day I was walking on campus after my statistics class and saw an unusual scene of a girl crying with her hands in her face pacing back and forth. Two people(I believe her parents) were with her offering support. It was such a beautiful scene to me. I was moved by her intensity and the drama of life in that moment amazed me and attracted me. But wouldn’t it be considered psychopathic to be attracted to this trauma and sadness? No, because seeing her crying allowed me to see the fullness of her person. Who knows what happened to her. Maybe she was crying about a desire for real friendship, for a good life, to be loved, to be known, or maybe her brother was in trouble, or she failed a class. Whatever it was, the tears were the only way to pop the bubble. It broke the ice in a sense that we all share this massive desire but never acknowledge it. About 95% of the people I walk by everyday hide it. They hide the fact that they are not happy or are struggling with friends or grades or family and the consequence is we see half of people but not there full self. This sadness, sense of confusion and desire for more, or whatever it is bursting to get out of us rarely shows it’s face. I wish it would.