Usually the team with the most points wins the game! John Madden

Madden, while he could be crowned King of the Obvious, has offered up the ultimate key to victory in any sport, accept golf. Win the scoreboard, win the game.

The keys to winning a particular football game depend on who’s providing them. How many times have we heard an announcer, while trying to provide expert insight, offer up his? It feels like insider information, but no matter how educated, it really is just their opinion. Do you ever wonder if the coaches are privy to these keys?

The possibilities are almost limitless, so much so that they cover the gamut, ranging from serious to ludicrous. John DeMarchi, a writer for Quora poked some fun by saying,

It all comes down to this. The keys to the game are to get pressure on the quarterback, force turnovers, avoid turnovers, win the turnover battle, play physical football, set the tone, take shots, avoid mental mistakes, limit undisciplined penalties, score touchdowns — and not field goals — in the red zone, and make sure the players stay within themselves…

While the keys to winning a particular football game may be numerous and varied; the keys to victory on the field of life are few and clear.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8 (NIV)

Here’s how they look on the clipboard:

  1. Play fair (act justly)

-Learn the rules and play by them
-Don’t twist the rules to your advantage
-Don’t act innocent when you aren’t
-Don’t be sneaky
-Don’t play games with words, muddy their meaning
-Don’t say one thing and mean or do another
-Keep your word

2. Give others a break (love mercy)

-Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect, don’t expect it from yourself or others.
-Cut others some slack, the slack you’d want them to cut you.
-Believe the best of others first. Go with the belief that they’re playing fair until they show differently.
-Swallow your disappointment.
-Stay positive.

3. Defer to the Coach (walk humbly with your God)

-Yield to, respect His leadership.
-Resist thinking you know better.
-Realize that you’re not the smartest player on the field.
-Display a coachable attitude.
-Submit to His game plan with a happy heart.
-Run the play He calls.
-Honor Him with your play.

These are the keys to the game of life. There are only three keys to victory on your field. They are few. They are to the point. They are do-able. They don’t change from week to week. We have a lifetime to learn to play by them. Let’s get after it!

How can you practice them today? © Coach Strap

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