Instead of Listening in Statics Class:

in a world where the suit jackets and walls blend together,

fluorescent lights casting blue on your best friend’s face.

She looks really pretty tonight.

It’s been a long day; lots of things to do.

People to see, places to go; a reputation to build.

You’re really spent tonight.

The guy behind you who is the prime student just answered a question wrong;

but it’s okay — the teacher didn’t notice.

the clock ticks slowly; slower; slower —

but the light dances on the whiteboards.

in a room — windowless — dark and sometimes cold

people; living people; warm it.

it’s one thing to think you’re not enough

it’s another thing to believe it.

pure, unadulterated freedom is a rare thing,

and it can even be found in this room.

it’s really hopeful tonight.

it’s like a small plant growing out of an old shoe.

or two friends that made up after a fight.

it’s eating chili cheese tots in your car that barely works while you’re barely making it

but you breathe deeper and see wider in those moments.

it’s really good tonight.

it’s finding the sweetness in things

it’s knowing that you’re loved

knowing that you’re the God of the Universe’s masterpiece.

knowing that you; a living, breathing, soul is valuable and worth it and will not waste this precious time

Thank you God for this.

you could sit and listen to 2) do not hand in a blank paper, =0 points.

You could even; even! Not turn in a blank paper.

or you could get it done and notice the way your girlfriend makes eye contact with you

the way she plays with her hair

meditate on how you love her

meditate on how you’re saved


worth it.

you’re feeling very blessed tonight.

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