Thanks, Elevator Song

Worship Him.

Worship Him when your muscles ache and your bones scream for new and better life.

Worship Him when your soul is thirsty and dry and seems to crumble to ash.

Worship Him when the sun rises and you can see the breath on your lips.

Worship Him with open palms when you can’t find the words. When you can’t explain emotions and your heart is breaking and jumping.

Worship Him when people turn against you.

Worship Him when people drift apart.

Worship Him when you’re crushed by a fall.

Worship Him when you recover.

Worship Him when you feel weak.

Worship Him when you feel strong (you actually need Him more than you know now).

Worship Him when the bugs are noisy and the mosquito bite.

Worship Him when you play games with friends. Worship Him when you fight and cry with the same.

Thank you, Lord. You are everything. You are everything that I ever aspire to follow; to become; to live.

Father, you are the ALPHA and OMEGA. You are my healer, my provider, my savior. You are my rock, my fortress, my captain.

You pick me back up. You brush off the dust and leave the scars to remind me of your goodness.

You leave me down. You let me ache. You let me find You and the hope You give.

Your love is so sweet. I adore you, Papa.